Archives for April 2009

New Commenting Feature

I recently implemented a commenting feature for Pages. This means that you can add a quick comment, or even questions, for any Page. The comments are listed in reverse-chronological order (similar to a blog) so that the most recent comment are listed first.
Here is how it looks:

The complete page is here. Note: You must be [...]

Choosing a web browser for

Since I’m developing this web-site from scratch, I’ve had to use all the major web browsers in order to make sure the pages look how they should. Still, there are major differences between the various web browsers, more then I realized before I got knee-deep into web development. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about [...]

Starting a blog!

It’s time for this blog to be created! I want to use this space to keep all of you informed on what’s new and exciting on
Please use the comment feature to ask questions or bring up ideas and suggestions!
-Eivind Hagen