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UnlikeSchool has moved to a new and faster server!

For those of you who noticed that things were a little slow when adding new pages, it’s now much faster!
I have moved the UnlikeSchool application to a dedicated VPS (Virtual Private Server) where it’s the only application running. This means better performance, and is most noticeable when creating or editing pages.
Go ahead, try it : [...]

Say ‘hello’ to our new logo

I was getting tired of the old ’scribbly’ logo. Do you think this is an improvement?

Please Volunteer – help improve our database!

Today I’m introducing an easy way for you to help improve the information in the UnlikeSchool database. We have hundreds of pages of useful information, but some of them could use a little help. For example, not all pages have a ‘Suitable Age Range’ set, and it would be really cool if they all did. [...]

New visual timeline for setting Suitable Age Range

This new feature makes it really easy to specify the “suitable age range” for a page.  Just 2 clicks, and you’re done. You need to be signed in for this to work.

You will notice that there are parenthesis surrounding each age. The ‘(‘ is for setting the minimum age, and ‘)’ for setting maximum age.
It’s [...]

Win fabulous Moody Bands – Invite your friends to join has partnered with Moody Bands™ to bring you our first ever promotion! You can win a set of these innovative products and use for yourself of for your kids. We have 10 packs to give away, your chances of winning are real!
How do you feel today? What mood are you in? Are you Happy, [...]

Is my website World Famous?

It’s gratifying to see that I’ve got visitors from all over the world! All continents are represented. Perhaps Africa could use a little more representation, but something tells me they might be a bit behind on broadband coverage? Oh, and if you know someone in Greenland you may want to let them know about us [...]

Switch profiles in a blink!

If you have several child profiles in your account (and you should, if you are homeschooling several children) then you may have found that it can be a hassle to switch between them. NO MORE!
Today it became much easier to switch between multiple profiles. Just place the mouse arrow over the My Profiles tab and [...]

I’m using Pivotal Tracker to keep myself on track

For those who want to be more Agile and Scrum-ish in their ways, this free tool is an excellent way to manage your work tasks. It’s based on User Stories, and the user interface is extremely simple an defficient. There is just a single screen to deal with. It’s also modular, so you can choose [...]

I’m sure glad I live in the USA!

German authorities apparently influenced French police to snatch up 4 kids away from their family – because they are homeschooling! Homeschooling is apparently illegal (and considered dangerous) in Germany. There is another case in Sweden, where authorities nabbed a girl away from her family at the airport – just as they were about to leave [...]

Simplified even more!

Some recent updates to the user interface on

Search from any page!
‘Pages’ tab is now visible only when you are viewing pages
New ‘Page’ tab (singular of ‘Pages’) is vsible when you are viewing or editing a specific page.
The ‘Contribute’ tab now also contains the ‘Create New Page’ sub-tab so there is now a single place [...]